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Jackalope King


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Base: 75mm base (Huge) 
Scale: 32mm
Sculpted by the talented artists at The Dragon Trappers Lodge

Of all the creatures found in the Stoican Frontier, the Jackalope King is the most elusive and mystical. Though a number of sightings have been reported, it is still unclear whether there is a single entity that is the Jackalope King, or if there are numerous creatures of its type, each as elusive as the next. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that this creature possesses exceptional magical abilities, resistance to magical effects, and is not to be foolishly trifled with.

The Jackalope King is a staple of Navadi legends, which state that this being is the creator and master of all of Rabbit-kind, and serves as a protector of their interests. Their mythology states that while the Jackalope King allows for the natural course of actions where the hunting of rabbits for food and necessities is concerned, it brings doom and destruction to those who seek to hunt the creatures beyond the boundaries of natural law, turning them into sport. Their tales speak of a masterful Navadi hunter, whose pride was brought low when an enraged Jackalope King destroyed his village as he had destroyed the warren of a large rabbit colony only days prior. The survivors spoke of hordes of rabbits controlled by a massive Jackalope that came through their village and destroyed everything in a matter of minutes. To this day, the Navadi respect the rabbit more than any other prey, ensuring that they take only what they need to survive, and hunting other game when possible.

It has long been assumed that the Jackalope King is capable of shape-shifting to hide itself amongst the more common creatures of the frontier. Navadi tales say that the creature joins rabbit warrens on a regular basis to see to the health and safety of its people. They also claim that the disappearance of the creature so soon after its many sightings can be attributed to these abilities, by which it immediately turns into a smaller, less perceptible creature upon being discovered. It is said the King has an innate sense for when it is being observed, and that only those deemed worthy are allowed to look long upon it in its true form.


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