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Who are you?

My name’s Todd and I run Figure Forge from my small workshop in Gloucester. I’ve been mad on D&D for a while now and, when I began 3D printing, miniatures were really what I wanted to make. Having printed a heap of them, I’m still amazed by the technology and what it can produce. It’s also a great meeting of the old and the new: while many people are transitioning to playing their tabletop games virtually, I really like holding something physical. I both play and DM and I love seeing people’s reactions to the miniatures that I whip out. I started Figure Forge as a means of spreading a bit of that joy (and maybe avoiding my house filling up with minis…)

How are the models printed?

We use SLA resin printers. They work by exposing very thin (40 micron) layers of resin to carefully guided UV light which cures the resin, turning it solid. It then moves on to build up the model layer by layer. The advantage of using SLA printers is that they offer much better detail reproduction than other 3D printing technology and are amazing for small things like miniatures.

What materials do you use?

We exclusively use Resione M58 ABS-like resin. Many makers will use standard or water-washable resin. These are brittle and prone to breaking. ABS-like resins offer much better durability and flexibility over standard and water-washable resins. If they quote you 'high-quality' or 'premium' resin, they're using the cheap stuff frankly.

We also use Citadel Matt Black primer if you select to have your models primed. This primer is outstanding because it gives excellent coverage, has a consistent matt finish and dries to a very thin layer that doesn’t mask the fine details.

What printers do you use?

We use the latest 4K printers from Elegoo. These print at a 50 micron XY resolution and 40 micron Z resolution.

How soon would you dispatch my order?

Normally we’re able to print your models within 1-2 days. At busier times it might take a little longer but rest assured that we’re on it. We’ll keep you updated as we go along.

Is it secure to buy from you?

Our shop is hosted by Shopify, one of the leading e-commerce platforms. Everything goes through them so your purchase is secure.


How detailed will my models be?

Our models are printed using finely tuned settings on the latest 4K printers to maximise detail and we use a 40 micron layer height which is higher resolution than most resin 3D printing providers. Our printed models won’t look identical to the computer renders you see on our product pages but they’re close to this level of detail. You will be able to see fangs, buttons or any other small details in the final prints. Sample prints are showcased on our home page.

Will my models come with a base?

All of our models come with the bases pictured. These will be unattached for easier painting. Some models come with specifically designed bases while others come with a plain base ready for your imagination. The image on the product page will indicate where models have specially tailored bases.
A few models intended more for dioramas than gameplay do not come with bases. This is clear from the description and the product images.

Will my models be ready for painting?

We take great care to get the models ready for you. We carefully remove support material and then use a combination of high-grit sanding and a craft knife to clean up any support marks. I think we do a great job of this but, since they’re handmade products, you might notice the odd area that you want to tidy up further. If you plan on painting your model, we highly recommend priming the model first. Alternatively, we can prime it for you using the superb Citadel Matt Black primer.

How much assembly is required?

We assemble as much as we can prior to shipping. We are limited by the dimensions of our shipping containers and by what we think is most sensible to avoid damage to your model. Larger models might come in as many as twenty different pieces. Typically the build process is very straightforward but we include instructions where there might be confusion.

What kind of glue would you recommend?

We recommend using Gorilla Glue to adhere the parts but any superglue will be fine. Do not use plastic cement as it will not react with the resin we use.

How big will my models be?

There are a few ways to talk about the size of our models.

Scale: Our models all sit within the 28-32mm scale which is pretty standard for tabletop gaming and the norm for games like Dungeons and Dragons. This means that if you take an average human model, it would be 28-32mm from the ground to their eye-level. Most people consider it important to use consistently scaled models to avoid such situations as ending up with an elephant mini as large as a dog mini on the table.
Some of the creators we sell use 28mm and others use 32mm. You can filter by a particular scale when you are browsing.

Base size: All of our models come with a base. The base size indicates the diameter (where circular) or width (where square) of that base. The exact base size is always listed in the model description. Our bases come in 12.5mm (roughly 1/2 inch), 25mm (roughly 1 inch), 30mm, 32mm, 50mm (roughly 2 inches), 75mm (roughly 3 inches) and 100mm (roughly 4 inches).

Creature size: Creatures are all listed with their creature size as is standard in Dungeons and Dragons.
A ‘Tiny’ creature uses a 12.5mm base.
A ‘Small’ or ‘Medium’ creature typically uses a 25mm base. However, some are based on slightly larger 30-32mm bases. Check the model description for details.
A ‘Large’ creature uses a 50mm base.
A ‘Huge’ creature uses a 75mm base.
A ‘Gargantuan’ creature uses a 100mm base.

Using our die comparison is a good way to get a clear picture of exactly how big a model is. The last image on each product page uses the same, very normal d20 to give a sense of scale.

What resizing options are available?

Some models can be printed at a larger scale (54 or 75mm scale) designed for painting and/or collecting. You can filter by availability in these scales when browsing the catalogue. If you have a custom request for rescaling or want a larger version of a model that doesn't have an option for rescaling, please do get in touch.

How should I care for my model?

UV resin is a great material and the premium ABS-like resin that we use is far more resilient than others on the market. However, all UV resin will continue to cure when exposed to UV and could potentially over cure if left in direct sunlight for long periods of time. This could potentially cause a model to warp or degrade. Therefore we recommend priming/painting your model or avoiding placing it in direct sunlight.


How does it work and when do I receive my first box?

If you place your order on or before the 20th day of the month, your first box will be posted to you on the 1st day of the following month. So you should receive it between 3rd-6th.
If you place your order after the 20th day of the month, you will still receive the upcoming subscription box but it may arrive later in the month due to processing time.

You will be charged when you begin your subscription and subsequent months will be charged on the 20th day of the month. You won't be charged twice in the same month.

Example 1: You order your first box on 1st September, you are charged immediately, you receive your first box 3rd October. You are then charged again on 20th October for the November box.
Example 2: You order your first box on 25th September, you are charged immediately, you receive your first box as soon as possible in October. You are then charged again on 20th October for the November box. Do note that depending on our print queue, you may receive the October box after you pay for the next month but your next box will arrive promptly at the start of the following month.

All one-off trial boxes are charged immediately and will be posted on or after the 1st day of the next month. We try to post these along with our regular subscriber boxes but it may take longer if your order is made later in the month.

Can I order a trial box?

Of course! On the product page you'll see the option to 'Just send me one next month'. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Are there a limit to the number of subscriptions available?

Possibly. We love the subscription and we think it's a brilliant, cost-effective way for you to grow your mini collections. However, we are first and foremost a 'print on demand' service with a huge catalogue of models we'd love to print for you. Therefore, we are constantly reviewing our capacity and will freeze new subscriptions if we get close to this.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To view and edit your subscription, log in by clicking the person icon in the top right of the homepage and click the 'Manage Subscription' button. If you have already paid for the subsequent month's box, this will be the last box you'll receive.


How much will delivery cost?

It does change as the couriers change their prices but the most up to date price will be shown at the checkout.

UK delivery is around £3.00 although free for orders over £40.
Closer European countries (France, Germany, Netherlands etc.) will be about £12.00.
The rest of Europe can typically expect between £14.00-20.00.
Delivery to Canada or the USA will cost approximately £20.00.

I mean, I'd love to recommend moving to Gloucester (I could even drop it round) but nobody wants to live in Gloucester.

How long does delivery take?

Standard UK delivery is 2-4 days. Optional upgrade to next day delivery is 1-2 days. Please remember that these are in addition to our processing time.

Can I return an item?

Of course! We've more details in the Dispatch, Delivery and Returns section accessed through the About section on the main menu.

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