The Dragon Trappers Lodge



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Base: 100mm base (Gargantuan) 
Scale: 28-32mm
Sculpted by the talented artists at The Dragon Trappers Lodge

The model will arrive in sixteen separate pieces and will require assembly. We recommend Gorilla Glue for adhering the pieces.

Given the size of the model, you may find there are some small gaps where the pieces join that require filling and sanding prior to painting.


Some of the most feared and loathed creatures of the Stoican Frontier are the dreaded Northern Goose-Dragons, referred to as Drageese. These terrifying creatures seem to combine the worst parts of their shared heritage, boasting all of the rapacious greed of dragonkind, coupled with the ill-tempered and angry streak of the common goose. It is exceptionally rare for an adventuring party that comes across one of these creatures to come back in one piece, as these creatures tend to kill all who approach their nesting grounds too closely.

While more bestial than other dragons, Northern Drageese retain a love of riches, evident in their collection of baubles and trinkets. Those lucky few adventurers brave or foolish enough to challenge a Dragoose and emerge triumphant report that their hordes are full of all manner of glistening baubles. Many are of little value, such as suits of armor or particularly shiny pieces of clothing or machinery, but others can fetch quite the price. The most foolhardy or desperate trappers sometimes use these dragons' love of all that glitters in an attempt to draw the creatures out, obtaining shining items and using them as bait for the dragon.

Drageese are infamously ill-tempered, and take any incursion on their territory as a personal offense. When a creature enters a Dragoose's territory, its life is forfeit. The Navadi people have a particular hatred of Drageese because they do not consume those that they slay. These Dragons subsist on a diet of only fish and other aquatic life, and leave other creatures that they kill scattered around their territory as warnings to others who may be foolish enough to venture onto their lands.

Drageese are easily set apart from other dragons not only by their appearance, but also from the exceptionally loud honking noise that they are capable of creating. This sound is so loud that it can be heard from miles around, and is often used to stun or outright kill the Dragoose's prey or to disorient and disable its opponents. Most of the many corpses scattered across a Dragoose's territory are marked by blood-stained ears from shattered eardrums.

Early trappers were foolhardy enough to attempt the domestication of a dragoose hatchling they had found as an egg. Early attempts seemed marginally successful, but it quickly became apparent that the creature was a danger to all around it. It was surmised that these creatures' tempers grow worse and worse as they age, and their wild streak is not one to be tamed. After a number of accidents and an incident resulting in the death of two of the creature's caretakers, the young Dragosling had to be put down, and the ill-concienved ideal of the domestication of these creatures was deemed impossible.



Model scale for tabletop miniatures indicates the distance from the ground to the eye level of an average human. There are two standards for tabletop play: 28mm and 32mm scale. Both D&D and Warhammer traditionally used 28mm scale. However, Warhammer has now moved to using 32mm scale while many D&D players also use the larger scale models.

It's your table so it doesn't really matter which scale you choose but you should aim to keep your scale consistent so that models don't look poorly proportioned in relation to one another.

The studios we work with create their models in either scale. Given that we think scale is important, but also want you to have the best range to choose from, we allow most models to be rescaled to either 28mm or 32mm scale free of charge. Some are suitable to both scales and are designated '28-32mm'. In other cases, you'll see what scale they have been modelled in and they will either have the option to 'upscale to 32mm' or 'downscale to 28mm' depending on this. Do note that if you choose to upscale or downscale a model, it may affect how it is based.
Normally, we keep don't rescale the base. So a 25mm (1 Inch) base will remain at that diameter. But if a model comes with an intricate base that has been designed for it to fit into exactly then we will reduce/enlarge the base alongside. This will mean your base will no longer fit a 1 inch grid exactly. In those cases you might choose to use a plain base instead and design it yourself.

Many of our models are also available in 54mm or 75mm scale. These are not just upscaled models but are HD versions of the model. They are truly beautiful and have incredible levels of detail. As a result, not all models are available at this larger scale but you can filter by availability in the model catalogue.

If you have any questions about any of the models and how we would scale it for you, do get in touch. Similarly, if the scaling you require is different to those we typically provide, we can arrange a custom order very easily.


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