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Base: 75mm base (Huge) 
Scale: 28-32mm
Sculpted by the talented artists at The Dragon Trappers Lodge

Terror of the Stoican Frontier, Beaverlisks are terrifying creatures whose constant driving goal seems to be an effort to dam every one of the great rivers that grace the territory. Unlike their smaller beaver cousins, however, Beaverlisks do not typically use trees for their dams unless they have no other alternatives. Rather, they fix their deadly gaze on any creature unfortunate enough to cross their path, turning the creature into a wooden statue and using these bodies as the primary component in their massive dams. Despite their massive size, these creatures swim almost silently, making them all the more dangerous to those who they intend to use as building materials.

The great lakes of the Stoican Frontier are massive and beautiful, but almost all of them are the result of the damming efforts of the Beaverlisks, many of which still claim territory around or near such lakes. These massive bodies of water serve as exceptional breeding grounds for the Beaverlisks, and host no small amount of food upon which they can subsist. In spite of the many creatures they kill with their wooden gaze, these creatures are herbivores that subsist on mosses and other plants that grow only in still water. As such, their creation of these lakes is a method by which they create additional resources for themselves.

Some Navadi Tribes consider the Beaverlisks to be creatures placed in their lands as a means of divine punishment for wrongdoing. Those who are taken by a Beaverlisk are thus often thought to be purveyors of great sins, and their fates tied to divine justice. This superstition has been of great nuisance to many of the newer explorers in the region, who wish to maintain good relations with the Navadi, but who are also keen on the idea of destroying the Beaverlisks, an action which some Navadi tribes frown upon as an act of defiance towards their gods.



Model scale for tabletop miniatures indicates the distance from the ground to the eye level of an average human. There are two standards for tabletop play: 28mm and 32mm scale. Both D&D and Warhammer traditionally used 28mm scale. However, Warhammer has now moved to using 32mm scale while many D&D players also use the larger scale models.

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